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Weddings and Events

Restaurants and food

With extensive experience photographing food and establishments in most complimenting ways!
Inside of the cellar area of a slave plantation in South Carolina

Bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels. Architecture and home, historical documentation.

One of her favorites to document are the vanishing Quiet places or what I like to refer to as our silent sanctuaries. This includes location data, field recordings and notations of any manmade noises(any noise pollution ) and often includes remote locations and areas being encroached by civilization. One day these places may disappear, We want to document as many as possible. You can see this project at

Award winning photographer with over thirty years of experience her photographs can be seen in major magazines and also film! Her artistic photography has been used in everything from travel brochures to promotions for books and films including Stephen King and Prince. Her book which includes many photographs of the Hoh can be found on Amazon and was written with a captivating foreward by Emmy award winning ecologist Gordon Hempton. She is represented by the Moscow Arts. Photographic adventures coming -The Hoh Rainforest and Washington Coast, Oregon beaches, Burkes Garden, West Virginia the Wild and Wonderful, Battlefields and finally Washington DC

One Square Inch located deep within the Hoh Rainforest. An effort to preserve silence- go HERE to visit it!


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